BTS Video

BTS video from the latest shoot with mega-talented Brooke Ebner from Elite.

BTS Video

Phase One IQ180: Ferrari Of a Camera

Here is my favorite camera in the world that I would love to buy someday. This is PhaseOne. This particular one a is perfect marriage of 645DF+ body and IQ180(80MP) digital back with a perfectly normal 80mm f2.8 Leaf Shutter lens. It has super fast quad core processor,touch screen, and user friendly interface that lets you custom white balance your images just with one touch. Overall, this is a masterpiece that delivers beautiful, sharp captures with 12-stops of dynamic range.

New pictures and BTS video

Hi all here are new beauty pictures from my recent shoot.
Thank you TEAM Hair and Makeup in Santa Barbara for beautiful makeup.
Enjoy and comment!
Happy Holidays!

IN MAKEUP from Hennadiy Kvasov on Vimeo.



Fun, glittery beauty shoot.

Here is a quick collage of fun images from today’s shoot. Final images will be out soon…and behind the scenes video shortly after. Cheers!

Beauty 121226


New website is up!!!

The new website is up and a new picture. Check it out!

Simply HK 2.0


Here the first image from Hennadiy Kvasov 2.0 portfolio. The are a lot more to come. The next generation of images will include CGI and advanced compositing. Stay tuned for more images and behind the scenes videos of how it was made. Cheers!

PIXMODE is here!

PIXMODE is a high end retouching house. We handle anything from simple color work to complex composites. If you have any requests or questions, please contact us at:

Sneak peak of my new image and CS6

Hey hey. Here is a brand new image that I shoot this weekend. And I’m working on it in CS6. I personally think that PS CS6 is going to be great. I can’t wait to get a full version.

Before & After

There are a few things that are going on right now. I’ll be launching a new website that will offer high-end retouching services. And I’m currently working on a new project what will be fish related. Yup, fish. =) Stay tuned. More details later.
Here’s a new image and before and after. I used slightly different processing on this one but I think it works with this image.

Technique: Curves Adjustment and Selective Color Adjustment Layers.

What light modifiers?

What light modifiers do you use?? Outrageously overpriced ProPhoto modifiers?? Or Broncolor?? I use walls and ceiling. This image was exposed by my studio’s ceiling. It gave it a very even and soft light. Perfect for beauty.
Which do you like better?? Color or B&W?